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BizMind Academy
is Proud to Partner with The Rebel Camp

The Rebel Camp is a community helping people move beyond fear and discover their true power.

The Rebel Camp is here to help you see a bigger picture for your life.

  • Are you tired of feeling stuck and going nowhere quickly?

  • Do you wake up every day knowing that there is more to life?

  • Do you have unresolved trauma or mental blockages?

  • Are you barely achieving your goals?

  • Are you not speaking up for and defending yourself when you need?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions then The Rebel Camp can help you. Check out the Soulwerk sessions with Oshim Phoenix.


This is how The Rebel Camp will help you embark your new, triumphant journey.

  • Learn how to clear your blockages.

    • We focus on helping people HEAL and understand the obstacles that prevent them from becoming the best versions of themselves. We work one-on-one with you to unclog those mental, spiritual, and emotional blockages and walk you through methods of healing. We teach our clients how to TRANSMUTE negative thoughts in order to improve, purify, and expand the mind and liberate one’s spirit. Are you ready to THRIVE?

  • We hold you accountable.

    • We work with you to help actualize your gifts and discover your true divine power. We are a community of REBEL minds and spirits focused on living an elevated life through knowledge and accountability of self. We will be your accountability partners to make sure you get up, show up, and execute. Goal setting is an amazing way to restore your soul and increase self-worth. After you set goals, we will motivate you to achieve them.


  • Synergize!

    • Our programs allow clients to focus within so they can crush their goals. The combination of healing modalities and goal-centered exercises helps you rebuild your value of self.

  • Transcend!

    • A place of harmony and peace with all things is true enlightenment. You will become a self-transcendent person and live for something greater than yourself. This unlimited sense of self-worth is a flow state we work on helping you obtain.

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BizMind Academy is Proud to Partner with Mastermind Connect
to bring you  
The Zen Art of Business - Masterclass !

Mastermind Connect is a Men's Collective. 

"Mastermind Connect is the one place men are free from societal expectations. It is a community of men who are ALL striving to fully embrace the essence of becoming the best versions of themselves. We're a community of future friends, collaborators and change makers. We know there are parts of our lives that haven’t quite gone to plan. But we want to improve — we are ready for change"


Created by the Mastermind Connect team as a response to the COVID pandemic, the "Be Well, Stay Well" program is a 90 day transformational program with the express purpose of helping men enhance their bodies, minds, spirits, businesses and by extension, their lives.  Weekly content supported by supplemental learning modules and interactive spaces provide both community and accountability. 

BizMind Academy is proud to partner with Mastermind Connect and be a part of the "Be Well, Stay Well" Men's health & wellness program.

The Zen Art of Business Masterclass - is a business masterclass (apart of the Zen Art of Business Experience) which is designed to help one level up in the area of business. We discuss how to incorporate a "Zen" approach to business when engaging, creating, promoting or operating your business. The practices discussed within this course transfer over to one's daily life practices, tying together the essence of spirituality (non-religious) and business, thus allowing you to approach all areas of your life with a Zen, Strategic mindset.  

Click Below to Find out More!


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