• Are you looking for an effective way to expand your online presence to attract more clients ?

This can be accomplished with a well designed website presence catered to your business and clients' needs.

We understand that small businesses have to balance costs while still striving to maximize their marketing efforts and online brand awareness and presence. 

Our Solution - We build amazing websites for small businesses. Websites they can use without an in-house developer and for a price they can afford.

We believe small businesses deserve better, so we offer them better - building small business owners amazing websites, at a price that is clear and affordable.


Let Vorrei Consulting help your business by allowing us to build you an amazing website. 


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Are you an institution in need of large amounts of PPE Gear but having trouble with disrupted supply chain?


As many of us already know, this pandemic has left the typical channels to purchase certain PPE items woefully short of supply. The Vorrei Consulting company has relationships with direct importers of products from masks ( 3 ply, Kn95, etc.) gowns, nitrile gloves and can facilitate the purchase of these and other items at current market prices.

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The BizMind Academy " is Vorrei Consulting's online training platform designed to empower entrepreneurs by helping them learn skills and tactics that can quickly be implemented into daily business processes to produce noticeable and measurable results.

The Zen Art of Business Experience " is an all encompassing programmatic experience for any entrepreneur who wants to learn about the inside life of entrepreneurship & business. 

This program experience offers 3 types of ways to learn:  



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Online Course


BizMind Academy is Proud to Partner with Mastermind Connect
to bring you  
The Zen Art of Business - Masterclass !

Mastermind Connect is a Men's Collective. 
"Mastermind Connect is the one place men are free from societal expectations. It is a community of men who are ALL striving to fully embrace the essence of becoming the best versions of themselves. We're a community of future friends, collaborators and change makers. We know there are parts of our lives that haven’t quite gone to plan. But we want to improve — we are ready for change"


Created by the Mastermind Connect team as a response to the COVID pandemic, the "Be Well, Stay Well" program is a 90 day transformational program with the express purpose of helping men enhance their bodies, minds, spirits, businesses and by extension, their lives.  Weekly content supported by supplemental learning modules and interactive spaces provide both community and accountability. 

BizMind Academy is proud to partner with Mastermind Connect and be a part of the "Be Well, Stay Well" Men's health & wellness program.

The Zen Art of Business Masterclass - is a business masterclass (apart of the Zen Art of Business Experience) which is designed to help one level up in the area of business. We discuss how to incorporate a "Zen" approach to business when engaging, creating, promoting or operating your business. The practices discussed within this course transfer over to one's daily life practices, tying together the essence of spirituality (non-religious) and business, thus allowing you to approach all areas of your life with a Zen, Strategic mindset.  

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