Vorrei Consulting llc was founded in 2008 with a  single mission: to be the most successful, and ground-breaking Management consulting agency in the New York & New Jersey area.

Our Management Consulting approach focuses on a deep dive into your current organizational model, discovering its limitations while also collaborating on new solutions. Think of us as your business coach always looking for opportunities to improve your game to ensure that you’ll perform at your very best. 

Our mission is to help organizations succeed through improved strategic thinking, planning and action. 

How we Help​: 

  • Project Management Support

    • Project Management - ​If you are looking for help managing the initiating, planning, executing & controlling of complex tasks, outsource it. Vorrei Consulting Project Management takes over the day to day effort of keeping track all that needs to be done, and following up with people and teams, to obtain status updates and ensure things get done properly. 

  • Operations Development & Business Workflows

    • Strategic Management - Is an organization’s process of continuous planning, executing, monitoring, analyzing and assessing all that is necessary for an organization to meet its goals and objectives in pursuit of a future direction. By providing business strategy consulting & project management, we help evaluate and transform business models for public and private organizations in order to improve organizational effectiveness, expand the business, and increase profits.

      • We start off by first identifying your long term goals. Next we revise your development plans in exchange for new concepts designed to help you scale faster. Our process will help you learn and implement strategic management practices for the below areas:

        • Operations Management & Organization​

        • Business Process Workflows

        • Business Project Management

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Arvell Anthony
President and CEO
Crystal Anthony
Creative Director

Arvell Anthony is the President & CEO of Vorrei Consulting. Arvell is a die hard Project Manager & Business Strategist who is always focused on efficiency. With a wide array of experience with many technologies such as; Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations & Sales, Sharepoint, Microsoft Power BI, SciQuest, Jira, Oracle ERP, ZenDesk, TestFlight, JDE, Documentum & Alfresco, Arvell has been able to quickly adapt to the needs of technology projects, providing instant value to teams and driving results.

Crystal Anthony serves as the Creative Director for Vorrei Consulting. Crystal is an artistic visionary whose focus is to conceive and implement visual marketing programs. Crystal is responsible for developing engaging collateral that tells a story and elicits emotional responses. She works closely with the design, graphic arts and marketing personnel to deliver content that exceeds the expectations of our clients.




Management & Organization

Taking your next big idea from a concept to a successful and profitable business, doesn't have to be a nightmare that keeps you up at night. As an entrepreneur, we understand the rigors of multitasking and having too many things to do, and not enough time in the day to get them all done.


Vorrei Consulting can offer you a solution to this problem of multitasking by taking that load off of your shoulders. Let Vorrei Consulting Project Management take over the day to day effort of keeping track of all that needs to be done, and following up with people and teams, to obtain status updates and ensure things get done properly. 

 Project management  is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

How we Help

  • Project Management - Below are some of the tasks Vorrei Project Management provides assistance with:

    • Managing the planning, execution and monitoring of inter-company departmental tasks

    • Managing the launch of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system

    • Assisting with acquiring financing

    • Setting up organizational departments & structure (Operations, IT, Finance, AP, AR, etc)

    • Creating standard operating procedures

    • Management of data migration

    • or even assisting with the rigors of building a team and setting up a company culture,

  • We are available every step of the way during your business development process, to help you lay down the foundations to build your billion dollar concept.

To learn more about how Vorrei Consulting Project Management can help you, book a free consultation today.