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Vorrei Consulting Strategic Management Consulting Services - provides guidance and hands on assistance on areas such as:

  • Managing the planning, execution and monitoring of inter-company departmental tasks

  • Managing the launch of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system

  • Assisting with acquiring Institution & Wholesale Product Distribution 

  • Guidance on setting up CFO Services & Financial Accounting

  • Assisting with acquiring extra capital and financing

  • Guidance on setting up organizational departments & structure (Operations, IT, Finance, AP, AR, etc)

  • Creating standard operating procedures. (SOP's)


Below are some of our current  Strategic Management Consulting projects & clients

Coent IT.PNG

At COENT IT we believe in simply making "IT" work. We pride ourselves in helping small and medium businesses achieve technological proficiency without breaking the bank. Our approach is assessing your current technology platforms and making simple cost effective changes that get your from where you are now to where you need to be.

Coent IT Servies  - Tayo Ajayi -

ItsCrystalSun Logo.jpeg

Our vision is to create a frequency driven world that utilizes vibration to fuel the planet, heal disease and elevate humanity. Crystal Sun is a Frequency Advocate focused on "Raising Frequency Awareness" as a music creator, speaker, podcaster (LevelUp Your Frequency), and author.


ItsCrystalSun Inc - Crystal Anthony -


Through our food intake, we have been voting for and supporting diabetes and other chronic diseases. TOM was born out of a need to combat a poorly constructed food culture. It is here to improve access to healthy food and bring it to our culturally diverse communities.

The Orange Market  - Brian

Pristine Supermart.jpg

Pristine Supermart is a purveyor of artisan, organically grown African products sourced directly from African farmers who grow organically, regeneratively, and sustainably. Our focus is quality over quantity. 

Pristine Supermart - Chioma Osuke -

Vorrei means "I would like" and Vorrei Consulting exists solely to help those who "would like" assistance in their entrepreneurial journey bridging the gap from their current situation, to their desired situation. We are here to help, providing each client with techniques, tools & strategies that result in immediate process improvement and produce measurable results.

The core focus areas of our Management Consulting strategies are:

  1. Business Operations Strategy guidance (Capabilities, Management & Direction)

  2. Strategic Planning (Creating Processes & Workflows)

  3. Project Management (Tracking of the tasks required to execute your strategy)

Vorrei Consulting has had the honor of providing Management Consulting services to a wide array of clients across many different industries:

  • *Health Food Product & Service Providers*,*Food & Event Catering*

  • *BioPharma*, *Broadcast/Av & Digital Signage*

  • *IT Services*, *Mobile App Development *

  • *Training and Instructional Design*, *Marketing & Sales* 

  • *Music Entertainment & Services*, *Clothing & Fashion*, *Beauty & Makeup*

Below are some of the clients we've had the pleasure of serving.


If you have any questions on how we can assist you, contact Us today!

The Rebel Camp logo_edited.jpg
Tara Samadhi.jpg
The S.U.N. logo.jpg
Vivi Mark.png
BMF Global Logo.png
STK MKT Entertainment.png
Crystal Sun Prod_JPG.jpg
One Diversified LLC Logo.jpg
StacksFx Logo 2017.png
GloGirl Cosmetics.jpg
PVD Modular.png
Mysty Moon.JPG
Mastermind Alchemy Logo.JPG
Jen Palko - Reinvent Your Reality.jpg
Chef El-Amin 2019.jpg
Babacool Logo.png
Pristine Catering Logo.jpg
LaLa Lady.png
Modded IT.JPG
Cafe 15 Logo.jpg
Block Builder Properties.jpeg
Tribal Angel.png
Lizzy's Cuisine 4 .JPG
Global Vegan.png
IT Solutions.jpg
M - Mozart For Munchkins.png
Konsilon Logo Head.png
Web Spider Technologies.jpg
BizTech Fusion Logo.png
Castaliah Logo.jpeg
Myla'Cor Martinis.png
Star Knowledge.png
Always Obelisk Network.png
Talking Tickets.png
Fashion Pickle.jpg
Crystal From Castaliah.JPG

"Working with Arvell changed the way that I thought about building a business. When we first met I was just starting to develop a concept, at the time and I had no idea what questions to ask or more importantly; the proper answers to deliver when looking to approach new business partners and investors. After working with Arvell I now have the strategies and understand the necessary “work” required to present a newly formed concept into a company that everyone wants to do business with."

Ryan Morgan, Founder - Talking Tickets

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