Vorrei Consulting Strategic Management Consulting Services - provides guidance and hands on assistance on areas such as:

  • Managing the planning, execution and monitoring of inter-company departmental tasks

  • Managing the launch of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system

  • Assisting with acquiring Institution & Wholesale Product Distribution 

  • Guidance on setting up CFO Services & Financial Accounting

  • Assisting with acquiring extra capital and financing

  • Guidance on setting up organizational departments & structure (Operations, IT, Finance, AP, AR, etc)

  • Creating standard operating procedures. (SOP's)


Below are some of our current  Strategic Management Consulting projects & clients


Alchemy, our new, members only virtual platform, that will allow men from all over the globe to gain access to our #tribe🛡If you want to:Level up in your relationships, health and business, Rule your life.Navigate through rough paths. Find your purpose.This is the time for coming together in brotherhood.

It’s time you allowed yourself to be helped, and more importantly, challenged on accountability.Become the Best Version of Yourself.

Mastermind Connect - Mike McConnell -


Crystal Anthony also known as "Crystal Sun" is a New Jersey based producer/vocalist/songwriter. Crystal specializes in music production for the TV & Film industry and some of her specialty genres include: Pop, Electronic, Indie and Orchestral hybrids.Crystal is currently affiliated with BMI.


Crystal Sun Productions - Crystal Anthony -


We are all about celebrating ingredients, cooking healthy, making clients happy and creating pleasant food memories.

With over 10 years of experience in cooking and creating recipes, my style of cooking merges skill, creativity, and spontaneity to create something spectacular.

Pristine Catering - Chef Pristine -


Chef El-Amin is a boutique food company specializing in bilalian style cooking, free of pork & pork by-products.  A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do.  Since 1981, we've served double portions of love and excellent service to metropolitan New York, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey & Connecticut.

Chef El-Amin - Rakhya El-Amin -


At Cafe 15, we believe in eating what is good when it's good. Our daily specials change depending on what is in season. Everything is made fresh to order when you order.And we at Cafe 15 make everything from scratch, down to the aioli in our crazy popular fried chicken sandwich and the pickles in our burgers. 

Cafe 15  - Jeanette Corona


Through our food intake, we have been voting for and supporting diabetes and other chronic diseases. TOM was born out of a need to combat a poorly constructed food culture. It is here to improve access to healthy food and bring it to our culturally diverse communities.

The Orange Market (TOM) - Brian