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BizMind Planning & Time Estimation (The S.U.N. Event)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Why is "Planning" so important?

Many of us go about our day chaotic, stressed, frantic, and disorganized and we don't understand why. This is especially important to those of us that are entrepreneurs. The below video will help introduce you to the subject of "planning" and why it is so important. This is a live recording of a workshop held on a private online community called "The S.U.N."

The S.U.N. is a tribe filled with mission-driven entrepreneurs who are passionate about healing the planet as well as seekers who are interested in learning more about ancient holistic healing modalities.

Day Four:

Step 3 - Plan your Time

In this video we teach you Step 3 of the BizMind Time Management course, entitled "Plan Your Time".

Topics We Cover:

  1. Intro to Planning

  2. Planning Components

  3. Plan Your Time

  4. Time Estimates

  5. Chunking Check out our BizMind Lessons in Time Management course.

This Course Provides - An easy 6 step time management system to help maintain effective time management and maximize productivity in each day.

It’s A Simple, 7 Day Training To Transform Your Life ✅ Proven strategies: To transform your days from over-stressed, anxiety, filled mornings to accomplished and productive day, weeks, and months. ✅ Everything you need: Follow our detailed lessons with done-for-you templates, checklists, hands-on tactics, & deep psychology insights on getting things done. ✅ Rapid results: Forget long to-do lists. Go from “so many things to do” to the most essential things completed. ✅ Live events: Get personal help from me and meet other successful entrepreneurs. ✅ Real results from real people: Go behind the scenes on how others were able to manage their days effectively and take back their evenings — instant access to what’s working now (including never-before-shared anecdotal advice from real people). Click the image below to learn more

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